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FanZone Athlete Creator Guide

Last updated: September 06, 2021

I've made a FanZone account –– what now?

Set up a subscription price on your page

  1. Once you become a verified FanZone athlete, you can set your subscription price in Athlete Portal.

  2. We will recommend setting an initial price in the range of $3 to $10 a month. Once you understand fan interest, you can increase or decrease the price.

  3. Note: You can only change your price once every two weeks, so be certain before setting your price.

Post about FanZone on your social media platforms

  1. Post to let your fans know that you are on FanZone.

    • Make a post with a photo or video, and let your fans know that you are on FanZone. Explain why fans should support you and subscribe to your page.
    • Here's an example of something you might say in a post: "Hey everyone, I am joining this new platform called FanZone and I'll be using it to post behind the scenes training and lifestyle content, and more. Please support me on my page!
  2. Add your FanZone link to your social media bios where your fans can see it.

    • Everyone will see this link, so it's a great way to drive exposure to your FanZone profile.

Engage with your fans and start generating recurring revenue

  1. Start posting your exclusive training and lifestyle content and engage with your fans.

What Content Should I Post to my Page?

  • Post training and lifestyle content as well as the ins and outs of your life and travel.

  • Workout routines, game highlights, video shorts, vlogs, podcast link; anything to display your personality.

  • Playlists of your favorite music/ pre-game routines.

  • Advice to prospective college athletes.

All content should be PG-13.

Profile Personalization and Settings

Profile Personalization

  • Customize your profile page with profile photos and videos. Write 2- 3 sentences about yourself in the bio section.

View your revenue and settings

  • Check out the settings on your profile page to see how many subscribers you have.

  • Your earnings include fan subscriptions, donations, and ecommerce.

  • View your payout status in settings, payouts are every week (excluding holidays) after the first week on the platform.

Making Money

Add your bank information

  • Click on Creator Setup in Athlete Portal to set up payments for your account.

  • Input your bank and tax info, including your social security number (this is used by Stripe to verify individuals for tax purposes). This information will be safe with Stripe and not stored by FanZone.

Paid Supporters

  • Paying supporters will be billed monthly unless they cancel.

Donations, E-commerce

  • You can also make money receiving donations from supporting fans.

  • All subscribers will input their payment information to pay you.

  • Subscribers can donate to you right on your profile page.

Increasing Your Subscriber Base and Connecting with Fans and Potential Sponsors

Use your existing Social Media presence

  • Paste your FanZone page link in your social media bio, include a brief description.

  • Guide your fans to your FanZone page if you have DM requests, they will have more personalized access there.

Post on public forums or put us in contact with your existing sponsors

  • For potential partnerships with your sponsors, please fill out the "Contact our Team" part of our website:

Connect with Fans through direct messaging, and discussion threads.

  • Reply to direct messages from your fans.

  • Create custom discussion threads for various topics such as tournaments, favorite music, diets, and more in the about tab of your profile, and then engage with fans in these discussions.


  • Post signed items and match/ game clothing to sell.

  • Create your custom brand through our manufacturers and sell shirts, pants, hoodies, etc. (coming soon).


Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Creator Guide, You can contact us:

Athlete Creator Guide for FanZone

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